60 seconds guide: How to buy a two-wheel self-balancing scooter for kids

No doubt two-wheel self-balancing scooter is the latest easy mean of transportation. Also, kids are eagerly interested to enjoy the wonderful experience of a ride on the two-wheel self-balancing scooter. However, parents are worried about the safety of their kids. Various hoverboards are available in the market. If you are not familiar with the features of the hoverboards our discussions will guide you about the best hoverboards for kids available in the market as well as the factors to look after before buying this gadget for your kids.

Guides to buying the best hoverboard for kids

Before purchasing the best two-wheel self-balancing scooter, parents should keep in mind some of the important factors of the hoverboard

  1. UL Certified

The two-wheel self-balancing scooter should be UL certified. Many horrible incidents of hoverboard explosions had been reported in the past. A UL certified hoverboard is safe and secure to ride. These hoverboards have fewer chances of fire catching incidents. They are also protected from overcharging explosions and electrical hazards.

  • Luxury hoverboard

The hoverboard of the renowned brands is far much better than the cheap hoverboard. Always buy the luxury hoverboard as is more sturdy and secure as compared to the cheap hoverboard. Don’t compromise on your kid safety. Cheap hoverboard can ruin the enjoyment of your kid by having an explosion.

  • Speed

The standardized hoverboard has a normal speed of 10mph and above and covers a distance of 10 to 15 miles in one charge. Try to go for the hoverboard with this range of speed.

  • Battery and charger

Always purchase a battery of the branded companies. As these batteries are long-running and last for a long time. branded hoverboard takes about 2 to 3 hours for charging. Go through the details of safety and precautions of the charger and battery before charging the hoverboard. Avoid overcharging, as it can cause a severe explosion.

  • Hoverboard quality

The quality of the hoverboard is a very important factor to consider. The hoverboard quality should be superb. Also, notice the quality of the motor and tires.

  • Weight capacity

The best hoverboard can bear a weight of 225-265 pounds. Always pay for the hoverboard that can bear weight more than the weight of the rider.

After analyzing the above factors and through detail and long research of a few weeks, we have listed two top quality best hoverboard for kids that rank on number one from all aspects.

Swagtron t6 off-road hoverboard

Swagtron t6 is the best luxury hoverboard for the kids now a day in the market. It is UL certified thus is safe and secure from fire explosions and electrical hazards. Feel free to purchase it without worrying about the safety of your kids.

It is suitable to ride it on both wet and dry places. Your kids will feel comfortable to ride it on the off roads. It can climb on the slopes of 30degrees. It can travel a distance of 12 miles at a speed of 12 miles per hour. The steady body is made up of aluminum. The inbuilt learning modes make it easy to learn a ride for the beginners, as well as it is easy to ride for the kids on any terrain. A battery consists of the superior sentry shields which will give protection while charging. This is a very impressive feature of this hoverboard

Best features:

  • The best brand in the market
  • UL certified 2272
  • Best for both kids and adult

Least feature:

  • Less range on the off roads


It is UL certified hoverboard best for both kids and adults. It is UL Certified so you don’t need to worry about the security of your kid. This hoverboard has passed 150 safety tests.

Kids can enjoy the ride of the hoverboard with the 8.5inches tires can travel a distance of 10miles in a single charge. It has branded powerful dual motors. It is water resistant and can be a ride on the wet places without any worry. The combination of big sturdy wheels and the strong grip of nonslip foot pedals make the ride easy for the rider on obstacles.

It takes only 2 hours for the full charge. It has the multiple modes of learning which make it easy to ride for the beginners. It has an excellent entertainment feature of Bluetooth speakers. You can enjoy cool music in clear sound while having a ride.

It can cover a long range distance in short interval of time. It is really very fast as compared to other competitors in the market. However, it is bit expensive and can’t be affordable for everyone. But the manufacturer is giving the warranty for the 1 year. So you feel free to spend your heavy budget on this luxury brand.

Top three features:

  • UL Certified 2272
  • Can ride on any type of terrain
  • Easy for the ride at night

Least feature:

  • Due to large tires, it can sometimes cause stability issues

Thus, go through this premier guide of 60 seconds and choose the best hoverboard for your kids.

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