SIMTOO XT – 175 Fairy WiFi FPV RC Drone GPS Optical Flow Positioning


  • Great video quality.
  • Compact and portable size. Can be carried any
  • GPS + Optical Flow positioning system.


  • Limited focal length.
  • Less battery power.

Key Features:

  • Model battery: 7.6V 970mAh LiPo.
  • Lightweight foldable design (only 140 grams)
  • Flying time: up to 16mins.
  • Charging time: 1h.
  • Remote control battery: 3.7V 470mAh LiPo.
  • Working time: 1h.
  • Charging time: 2h.
  • Control distance: 150m.


The world is striving for many advancements in the devices or the gadgets we use to make life simpler and even more easier. The telephone has evolved into a mobile, a desktop has evolved into a laptop which further evolved into a tablet, a memory device which holds a little memory once weighed tonnes of weight can now be stored in a micro size chip which can contain even more memory. This way Technology has been improving to a larger extent over the period of years than one can expect. Even though technology is improving people are striving to discover more and introduce many advancements in the technology which make us wonder how. The drones are the devices that can fly in air are controlled by remote controlling devices or with our own mobile by connecting them with either Bluetooth or hotspot or Wi-Fi and are used for various purposes like taking selfies and wide shot pictures for commercial film and ad making, oil, gas, and mineral exploration, wildlife monitoring, remote sensing and in recent days they have been used for delivering the couriers and other packages as well.

In recent times, the drones have been expensive for a lot of classes in the society may find it difficult to purchase since they are uneconomical. But the SIMTOO XT – 175 Fairy Wi-Fi FPV RC Drone is quite economical, making it a perfect purchase for all users for taking HD quality videos and pictures as well as having fun

The SIMTOO XT175 Fairy is an affordable and compact selfie drone that is GPS enabled. This drone is a “complete ultra-portable aerial photographer” suitable for beginners that are equipped with a full HD 1080p and 8 Megapixel camera, an auto-tracking mode, motion control and up to 16 minutes of flight time.


SIMTOO XT175 has a foldable body when folded has a size of a phone with the light weight of 140g which makes it easy to carry and use and can be easily fit into a bag or a purse making it travel-friendly. It makes it easier for the beginners to control the drone for easy use and efficient flight. The major advantage in this drone is that one need not worry when the battery drains since the drone automatically returns when the battery is low or out of control. The drone can be controlled by both 2.4G Wi-Fi app and 2.4G controller. With a wide range of smart features in the drone, it makes a person to fly the drone and control it as well. The speed of the drone is 40km/hour which is great. The Built-in Gyro is a 6 Axis Gyro


The quadcopter is equipped with a 1080P camera, supports 8 Megapixel which can provide a clear FPV flight by which you can control what the drone sees which is directly viewed on the phone. The wide-angle lens provides a wide view of 115-degrees.

Control Modes:

The drone comes with an accurate remote controller that can be compatible with Wi-Fi APP as well as the Wi-Fi FPV that would be very easy to control the drone via 2.4G Wi-Fi and supports 4 channels. It supports Automatically Following Button Control, G-sensor Mode, Joystick Control, One Key Automatic Return, One Key Landing, One Key Taking Off.  There is also a second mode of operating the drone that would be a WIFI app. One needs to install an app on their mobile phones and can control the drone Through the app you can opt between two control methods. There is no other compatibility with the other Gimbal.

Pricing and availability:

This drone is one of the most advanced technical drone and an ideal and perfect choice for first-time navigators. With the pricing of just $135.99, the drone makes it a perfect choice for opting especially for the beginners. The drone is available on the Gearbest website and one can buy it here which can be delivered in a period of 5-7 days. The drone is available in two colours- Red and Black which are both attractive. The package contains 1 RC Drone, 1 Transmitter (Battery Included), 1 Flight Battery, 1 Charger Base, 1 USB Cable, 2 English Manuals, 1 Wrench and 1 Set of Propeller Guards.

Is it worth the price and should you buy it?

Yes, definitely this quadcopter is a steal deal and can is great for beginners due to its ease in using the device. The device is small, portable, foldable, easy to fly indoor or outdoor and also flies smoothly, and easily.

Rating- 8.5/10

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