5 Places in the U.S to Get the Quickest Internet Service

In a recent report compiled by usnews.com on the top ten countries with the fastest Internet services in the world, the United States came at the number 10 spot; beaten by the likes of such nations as Japan, Denmark and South Korea (which ranked at Number 1 with average bandwidth speeds of 28.6 Mbps per user surveyed). Through a Cox Customer Service web search, you can attain an Internet service that will enable you to conduct some further in-depth research on this important subject.

The Modern-Day Necessity of High Speed Internet

Nowadays, you need to subscribe to a high-speed Internet plan to fulfill all your demanding online requirements. The World Wide Web is no longer constitutive of the plain old textual and borderline graphical material that it once used to be; meaning that you could load it up through a slow dial-up connection (which used to be standard practice back in the day).

With the advent of such online utilities as a range of graphically-rich social media, video conferencing and HD multimedia streaming applications, only a fast and reliable web subscription service can get you by. Take the case of the regular (everyday) video streaming coded services of YouTube and Netflix, both of which offer digital entertainment content in a variety of different screen resolutions.

Some Netflixing & YouTubing Prerequisites

To load videos on YouTube in Standard Definition (144p to 480p), the service recommends its users to tune-into at least 3 Mbps in consistent download speeds. For screening HD content (720p to 1080p), a minimum speed figure of at least 5 Mbps is required.

Netflix demands significantly higher bandwidth rates for successfully streaming its video productions, requiring at least a recommended 25 Mbps in net downloading rates for its high-end Ultra HD viewing sessions.

In the U.S, COX Internet is a good example of a high-speed Internet service that lets you experience the full potential of the above-mentioned utilities in stellar fashion. The service can be located in your vicinity through a COX near me web or telephonic search.

The 5 U.S States with the Fastest Internet Services

By knowing which states offer the fastest Internet services as per a countrywide analysis, you can choose to travel and live in those U.S regions where gaining high downloading speeds is assured at virtually all times of the day & night.

As per a recent survey conducted by statista.com, these locations (with the fastest first) are as follows:

  1. C (District of Columbia) – offering average download speeds of 28.1 Mbps
  2. Delaware2 Mbps
  3. Massachusetts8 Mbps
  4. Rhode Island7 Mbps
  5. Maryland3 Mbps

The Advent of Fiber (FTP/FTH) Services

Certain ISPs like Google, Comcast and Charter are currently in the process of offering fast Gigabit Internet services to their clients; an issue that has greatly upped the competition pertaining to the delivery of broadband internet in the country.

Others like COX with the inclusion of its Cox Internet Plans service are expanding in other directions to provide more entertainment & connectivity value to their subscribers.

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