Dispatching & Billing Optimization


In the NEMT industry it is essential to have your dispatching and billing solutions as efficient as possible, so you can invest that time and money into other facets of your business, like acquiring more vehicles, expanding office locations, or just simply doing preventative maintenance. That is why when choosing your non-emergency medical software, you want to ensure that they have optimized dispatching and billing modules that are intuitive, easy to use, and most of all save you time!

Non-emergency medical software with optimized billing and dispatching services can help your NEMT business in numerous ways, especially when it comes to saving time and money! First, you can benefit from billing directly with any brokerage or private pay client, next you can drag and drop trips in your dispatching module seamlessly.

When talking about non-emergency medical transportation software, one would usually think of dispatch android apps/dispatch iPhone apps, scheduling software, dispatch software, and some sort of data reporting module. These are the basic requirements for an effective non-emergency medical transportation software that can help increase your company’s profits.

The transportation scheduling software should include the option for an auto-scheduling software as well that will help you schedule the bulk of your trips in advance, so you only have to do about 20-30% of the schedule yourself. The scheduling software should be intuitive and easy for all employees to understand because changing systems is stressful and confusing enough, why complicate it further with more complicated software?

The drag and drop feature in many dispatch software companies allows a lot of freedom to the dispatcher when deciding where to place a trip, because not only does it show the day’s entire schedule it also allows the dispatcher to have a visual representation of the schedule to make a better-educated decision. Any dispatch software that you choose should be dabbling in auto dispatch software.

The auto dispatch software should be able to ‘link’ up with multiple different brokerage accounts back end and allow brokers to add trips directly to your available driver’s schedules instantly, with no input from the dispatcher. Usually, the auto dispatch software should allow multiple logins for private pay and brokerage companies, so they can all access the portal with different mileage rates.

If the dispatch software/scheduling software doesn’t have these integral pieces of software, you are probably better off continuing your search for software, because the software is expensive and you should be getting exactly what you want out of it.

That’s why when it comes down to it, you should be searching for a software that offers all of these features and also always full customization of dispatch software/scheduling software, so you can get exactly what your company needs to succeed in this ever-changing industry

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