Here Is a Beginner’s Guide to Guest Posting and Everything Related To It

Guest posting is a technique that is often used in search engine optimization. However, it is not limited to one reason. There is so much to it. From taking care of creating back links to building blogger relationships, guest posting has got it all covered. It started off as a way to build communities on internet. It is still doing it. If you are new to the concept of guest posting and want to learn more on the topic, here is everything you need to know.

What is guest posting?

Websites on the internet make up a community. This community is then consisted of smaller groups that we know as niches. All the health websites have content in one niche. The content you write in your guest posts must be free from any kind of grammatical error. You can use grammar checker tool to evaluate it.  There is the niche of news and entertainment. If you are reading something for your science exam, that is the academic niche. Niches help unite groups of websites that further unite to make the community that is internet. In this community, people are bound to interact and form relationships. Guest posting is one way to do it. In the regular publishing, you post on your website whatever is written by you or the writers you hire for professional writing. In guest posting, it is a little different. You have two websites. The writer from one of the websites writes a blog post that gets published on the other website. In this collaboration, one side gives content and the other gives the platform. This means that the two websites come together to create a piece of content that goes public. The writer is called guest writer and the website is known as the publisher blog.

Why is guest posting done?

Guest posting is done because of a number of reasons. When the practice first started off, it was done because websites were coming together to create content that allowed them to build relationships that matter. Each website has a different traffic and this traffic can be transferred from one website to another. Before the blog is posted, a short description of the writer is added by the publisher blog. This helps in bringing diversity in the type of content that is shared on the blog. Guest posting is always done in the niche of your website. This means that if your website is about fashion, try to stick to writing for websites that will have visitors who will be interested in the niche of fashion. This is a highly important factor to remember.

Guest posting has a lot of influence in search engine optimization as well. This is because when a writer writes for a publisher blog, the publisher blog has to mention the list to the writer’s website when the blog is published. This is called a back link. Back links are considered an important SEO factor. In fact, when Google first started out, its algorithm solely worked on Google Page Rank. Google Page Rank, introduced by Larry Page who is one of Google’s founders, takes into account the quality and quantity of back links to a page. This was all that mattered in that time. Without back links, you could not at all rank on search engines. But today, more factors have added in but if you are someone who wants to build back links and improve SEO through that, guest posting is definitely the way to go.

How does guest posting help both parties?

Like mentioned before, guest posting is collaboration. You have the writer and the publisher blog. Both the parties come together in unison to benefit each other. What this means is that the publisher blog gets to publish a piece of content without paying the writer. Most of the blogs generate revenue through advertisements. These advertisements will be shown on the publisher blog. If all goes well, some websites even pay a share of the revenue to the writer. Moreover, there is traffic coming in the publisher blog. If the website that the writer is writing from has a dedicated reader base, a lot of the visitors will come to read that post as well. On the other hand, the guest writer gets the back links. This helps him improve his search engine rankings immensely. But remember that both the quality and quantity of back links matter so don’t do anything that ruins any one of the factors. Moreover, the back links bring traffic to the author’s blog. This is a great way to engage with new audience. And again, if the niches you are working with are similar, both the websites will have the opportunity to find readers that will stick with them for the life time.

How can you start guest posting?

Guest posting can be started by first searching for blogs that work in the same niche as yours. Make a Google search for such blogs. There are chances that blogs that allow guest writing will show you the various rules and terms that must be followed when guest posting with them. Likewise, there will be an email mentioned or a form that you can fill in order to contact the owner of the publisher blog. With big blogs where the writer has a huge fan base, the author is first contacted and then the content is written. But as someone who is just starting out in the guest posting industry, you can write a guest post and send it out to various blogs. If they like what they are reading, they will publish it for you. This is a great place to start guest posting. But guest posting is something that requires a portfolio. You must decide what side you want to be on. You may want to be the guest writer or the publisher blog. That all depends on the benefits you want to extract from this collaboration. After reading the last section, you should have a fair idea of how guest posting can help you in reaping benefits of your choice.

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